• Economy

    At Golden Car Washers you will receive quality service for a very low price.

  • Eco-Friendly

    We are 100% eco-friendly and supports the protection of nature at any cost.

  • Service

    Golden car washers are well known for their quality service and value for money.

  • Team

    We have a well skilled team to serve our customers at any point of time.


Golden Group of Companies is owned and operated by high profiled UAE locals and international businessmen. It was founded since 1997 and now consists of 7 very successful businesses. Golden Car Washers is one of the parts of Golden Group that specialized in mobile car washing and detailing. GCW has been operating for 16 efficacious years in business establishments and malls. GCW made the 360 degrees innovation to adopt the Eco-Friendly car wash system. The Company has the belief of environmental commitment that pushes to acquire the newest eco-friendly car wash technology that composed of quality management and highly trained car washers.

About Us

Established in 1997 and successfully operating in prestige business establishment. Operating with the pride of environmental commitment by embracing the ecological car wash system.

Our Services

Golden Car Washers specialized in mobile car washing for different types of vehicle. GCW basic car washing already gives the best result using the newest technology.

Our Works

Golden Car Washers constrain itself to perform the highest and efficient car wash service in an Economical and ecological way. Giving Customers the hassle free and make use of their time for other means while their cars are being washed.

Our Products

Golden Car Washers water-less and zero electricity system uses the harmless and water-soluble products often found in food. 100% eco-friendly products that do not add pollution and help protect our environment.