About the Wax

Carnuba wax, also known as palm wax, comes from the leaves of a palm native only to the north east of Brazil. The raw wax is obtained from the leaves of the Carnuba palm by beating them to loosen the wax.

Carnuba wax is used in a variety of products such as shoe polishes, dental floss, food products, make-up, furniture waxes and surfboard wax. We of course use it to clean your vehicle.

We import the raw wax from South America and, once in South Africa, we refine and dilute it to make it more suitable to use on vehicles and fully water-soluble.

Did you know you could clean a dirty car without water?

The waterless car wash system works by simply spraying on, wiping off and buffing to a shine. The Green Machine uses waterless car wash products that lift the dirt from the vehicle by a process of emulsification; meaning that the spray breaks down the dirt into molecules, surrounds and coats the dirt molecules, lifting them off the surface.

Imagine the process as a Smartie, the coloured candy coating being the emulsification, i.e. the waterless product, and the chocolate centre being the dirt encased.

The vehicle is sprayed with the waterless car wash product, the grains of dirt are covered and the product creates a barrier where the waterless chemical touches the bodywork, not the dirt. Therefore, the dirt is actually coated in the product.

The traditional car wash leaves the paintwork scratched and unprotected. Whereas with the Green Machine's Carnuba wax and microfibre cloth, the surface is buffed to a shiny velvet smooth finish with no scratches because the dirt is suspended from the vehicle.

Rim Degreaser
(for golden solution)
Tyre polish
(for pink solution)
Blue Bug Cleaner for Windows
(for blue solution)
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